JpGU-AGU Joint meeting 2017でセッションを担当しました

SPIRITSプロジェクトの一環で堤田, Jorg Kaduk (U. of Leicester), Kirsten Barrett (U. of Leicester) と共同でセッション「Mapping phenology with remote sensing」をJpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017にて開催しました。


- Percival J., Tsutsumida N. Spatial correlation for phenological responses to climate.

- Hara Y. Tsutsumida N., Saizen I. Afforestation monitoring using long-term remotely sensed data in Chinese semi-arid area.

- Tsutsumida N. Long-term monitoring of land surface phenological changes.

- Tsutsumida N. and Kaduk J. Impact of spatial scale for phenological indices derived from remotely sensed data.

- Kaduk J., Barrett K., Mendoza-Rosales A., Tsutsumida N. Impacts of changes in phenology on land-atmosphere interactions in temperate and boreal regions.