松本万里子・西前出・島田幸司,固形廃棄物管理に関する環境教育プログラムにおける知識習得と友人ネットワークの関係 ―フィリピン・カランバ市の小学校を事例として (The Relationship between Knowledge Acquirement in an Environmental Education Program Related to Solid Waste Management and Friendship Network – Case Study of an Elementary School in Calamba City, the Philippines)

Research presentation

Master course student Stanny made a presentation at the 3rd International Conference of AGLE – IGU 2019.

Stanny A.Y., Saizen I., Tsutsumida N.,  Barus B., Pravitasari A.E. Past and Future Changes in Urban Areas and Paddy Fields in Bandung Metropolitan Area using Landsat Time Series, The 3rd International Conference of AGLE – IGU 2019, Bogor, Indonesia.



JAPAN-KOREA RURAL PLANNING SEMINAR 2019 “Rural Revitalization and Environmental Conservation” was held from October 18 to 20 in Otsu city, Shiga prefecture. Prof. Saizen, Assist. Prof. Asano,  Dr Tokito and Ms Matsumoto (D3) attended this seminar.


また韓国農村計画学会からは,以前にLRPに所属していたDae-Sik Kim教授(Chungnam National University)とSeung-Jong Bae教授(Seoul National University)も参加し,お互いの近況を共有するとともに,今後の農村計画学の展開について充実した議論を交わしました。

Prof. Dae-Sik Kim (Chungnam National University)

Satoshi Asano, Yoshitoshi Uehara, Takuya Ishida, Tohru Ikeya and Noboru Okuda
“Impacts of Eco-friendly Agriculture on Species Richness and Community Structure of Aquatic Organisms”
(General Presentation)

Shigeo Yachi, Satoshi Asano, Tohru Ikeya, Hiroyuki Ishibashi, Takuya Ishida, Yoshitoshi Uehara, Kenichi Wakita and Noboru Okuda
“Diversity of Community Revitalization Process and its Relation with Biodiversity in the Yasu-River Sub-Watershed”
(General Presentation)

Satoshi Asano
“Bioassessment at Inaccessible Areas with Unmanned Aerial System -Case Studies of Frog Spawns and Unbeknown Habitats of Butterfly-”
(Poster Presentation)

Minori Tokito, Satoshi Asano and Izuru Saizen
“Regional Differences of Land-use Effects on River-water Quality -Case Study of Yura River Watershed, Japan-”
(Poster Presentation)








LRPでは10月より新たに1名の修士学生Alfinくん(Double Degree Student)を迎え,新体制での新学期がスタートしました。
This fall semester, we welcomed a new master course student (Double Degree student), Mr. Alfin Murtadho from IPB University (Bogor Agricultural University), Indonesia.

Presentations at IAG’i in GISA


Utami N.P. and Tsutsumida N. Spatial analysis of land cover fraction and land surface temperature in Jakarta, Indonesia, submitted to the International Association of Geo-informatics (IAG’i), 19th October, Tokushima, Japan 

Zhao J. and Tsutsumida N., Changes in built-up areas and population in a typical mountainous region—a case study of Liping county, southwest China, submitted to the International Association of Geo-informatics (IAG’i), 19th October, Tokushima, Japan 

Percival J., Tsutsumida N., Murakami D., Yoshida T., Nakaya T.Exploring spatial scale by interactive map for geographically weighted correlation, submitted to the International Association of Geo-informatics (IAG’i), 19th October, Tokushima, Japan 

Poster presentation

FOSS4G 2019 KANSAI.KOBEでポスター発表をし,関西賞をいただきました 。

Tsutsumida N., Percival J.,  Murakami D., Yoshida T., Nakaya T. (2019) Interactive mapping for geographically weighted correlation in big census data, FOSS4G 2019 KANSAI.KOBE, October 2019, Kobe, Japan (Kansai award)

Special lecture by Dr. Candra


Dr. Candra (Foreign co-researcher in LRP) had the special lecture regarding urbanization and induced issues for master course students at GSGES, Kyoto university on October 16. She introduced Jakarta-Bandung metropolitan areas and its future perspectives. Then she discussed with students about characteristics of their countries’  mega-cities.

Farewell & Welcome party

今期は,博士課程を修了したRichaとSonam,Double Degree Programにおける京都大学での一年間を完了したYuri,短期聴講プログラムを終了したNi,東大へ異動になった原研究員の,総勢5名の送別会となりました。

We had a welcome and farewell party on September 25th.
The new comer is Dr Satoshi Asano who is newly assigned to Assistant professor of our labratory. And we celebrated the graduation of Richa, Sonam, Ni, Yuri and Hara-kun. We wish you all the best in the new chapter of your life!!

地球環境学舎 秋季修了式


On 24 September, the 2019 doctorate graduation ceremony was held at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall. Richa and Sonam got Ph.D. degree and graduated GSGES.
The certification ceremony of GSGES spring semester course was happening at the same time as GSGES graduation ceremony. Ni compleated the course and received the certification.


京都大学大学院 地球環境学堂 地域資源計画論研究室