Harvesting rice at Senjo (Sep. 10 and 11, 2023)

Harvesting rice and Hazagake (putting rice in the sun) were conducted at Senjo by LRP members, Saijo high school students, Mirai high school students, and Senjo villagers. We worked well on the first day of Sep. 10 and then in the afternoon it was suddenly heavy rain. The rest of works was conducted on the second day of Sep. 11 by LRP members and Senjo villagers.

Rice grew very well under Senjo villager's well management.

LRP members and High school students learnt the way to harvest rice from a villager. This is very valuable talk from a villager to young generations.

We started to harvesting rice! So many rice!

We were tying rice by using straws. It is very difficult to tie! Very tough work!

Working continually to tie rice!

Prof. Saizen is playing?

Short rest! Senjo villager served some sweets and drink. This is a good opportunity to have communication betweenr Senjo villagers and young generations. The tea which a Senjo villager served is Tamaryoku Tea! Very nice!

Cheers with tea! Not beer.

Villagers were starting to construct bases for Hazagake using timbers. We learnt how to built Hazagake base through hearing Ingenious knowledge of Senjo villagers.

Tied rice were brought on Hazagake base for drying rice. This is also tough work.

Group photo!

Due to heavy rain, we stopped working on 10th before completing it. Next day, we continued working and Hazagake work was completed!

We have learnt a lot of ingenious knowledge from Senjo villagers through works of harvesting rice. Thanks so much for working for Senjo village!!!