Many rural areas especially in developing countries are facing environmental problems such as deforestation, poverty, desertification, soil erosion, and etc. The solution should be found out and sustainable development should be realized.

Laboratory of Regional Planning (LRP) has explored the sustainable rural development of target regions (especially in Japanese rural areas or developing countries) by taking full advantage of existing regional resources, such as human, natural, historical resources and so on.

The main purposes of LRP are

  • to find out the solutions of global/regional environmental problems through the appropriate evaluation and effective utilization of regional resources,
  • to propose concrete plans for them based on the academic evidences.

The current target areas are Indonesia, Japan (Tsushima city (Nagasaki), Saijo city (Ehime)), Morocco, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each of the LRP members is conducting interdisciplinary researches covering the both humanities and sciences.

Current research topics