Science Camp was conducted on August 26 and 27

We conducted Science Camp with Saijo High School Students at Saijo-city Ehime Prefecture. The title of the Camp is " Study on practical field science -Satoyama livelihood and biodiversity" and the students studied field science taking lectures and workshop on August 26th, and conducting field survey at Senjo village. They acquired a lot of knowledge about regional resources. Finally the presented what they have learnt during this camp.

The lecture by Prof. Saizen about regional resources

The lecture by Assoc. Prof. Asano about livelihood and biodiversity

The lecture by Assist. Prof. Tokito about roles of forests in Japan

The workshop was conducted in the afternoon on 26th. Students considered with LRP staffs about what they will investigate and they will ask local residents to prepare the field survey. In addition, students learnt how to identify the species of plants, which had been collected in Senjo in advance.

We walked in Senjo village in extreme heat and observed abandoned farmlands in Senjo rice-terrace.

This picture showing the site of Senjo junior high school. Students are asking a villager about the school.

The interview was conducted at the site of farmlands. In the surrounding fields, forests have been utilized appropriately.

Students investigated the fields which used to be utilized as paddy fields. They understand visitation has been transfered to forest gradually.

Finally, students present what they learnt during the science camp. We hope that all participants enjoyed this science camp!