Harvesting rice at Senjo (Sep. 10 and 11, 2022)

LRP members conducted harvesting rice and Hazagake (putting the rice in the sun) at the paddy fields at Senjo, Saijo-city, with Saijo High School students and teachers, Saijo-city officers, Senjo villagers in the traditional way.  Although it was very hard, we enjoyed this traditional work.

Senjo-villagers say we may gather a rich rice though a little bit affected by typhoon

Started rice harvesting!

Saijo High School students also work together.

Rice harvesting (cutting rice stalk) was finished within around 2 hours under supervision of villagers.

Using rice straw, we bind rice stalks, which is very hard work.

Binding, binding, binding....

Prof. Saizen also work hard, sometimes... not always

Preparing frames using wood and bamboo for drying rice (Hazagake).

Starting Hazagake, talking with villagers

Covering rice stalks not to absorb rain

Taking a rest. Tired but smiles

A lot of mandarin orange from villagers!

Hazagake was finished!

Group photo. We learnt a lot of traditional knowledge.