Research team of the Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia (RUA) visited LRP

Dr. Hor Sanara (Dean, Faculty of Land Management and Land Administration), Mr. Seng Soksan (Vise dean), Dr. Pok Sophak, Mr. Eun Sambath, Ms. Yin Chan Eng, and 3 more student staff from the Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia  (RUA) visited our lab on Nov 2nd and 4th. Dr. Hor Sanara graduated from our lab in 2014. 

A special LRP seminar was held on Nov 4th. 

Kanika Bimrah "Assessing the impacts of sea level rise on the mangrove ecosystems and formulating their development strategies - Case study of Iriomote island, Japan"
Thanakon Sukuman "Research progress on Temporal Dynamics and Prediction of Land Use and Land Cover in Saijo City, Japan"
Kumar Tusharkanti "Integrating the values of cultural landscape for the sustainable development of cold-desert mountainous region - Case of Ladakh, India"

The participants showed great interest in the topics of regional planning and were actively exchanging opinions during the seminar. More successful intercommunication and collaborations between RUA and LRP are expected.