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The cool-temperate forests locating at high-altitude zone in Japan is one of vulnerable zones to climate changes. The presented study discussed the way of the quantitative assessment of Platycerus stag-beetles with female-attracted flight interception traps (FIT) toward proposing a method of quantitative assessment without expertized techniques. Compared with the sweeping on sprouting broad-leaves trees, Platycerus males were collected more efficiently, and the position of setting FITs had few effects on the results. On the other hand, it was revealed that un-mated females of the species in closed taxonomic groups are required for the investigation. Quantitative assessments with number and working-time of traps are expected.


Quantitative Assessments for Genus Platycerus stag-beetles (Coreoptera, Lucanidae) with Female-attracted Flight Interception Traps, Journal of Environmental Information Science, 35, pp. 262-267.

Satoshi ASANO, Minori TOKITO, and Izuru SAIZEN